Leak Detection Tips: 6 Ways to Find Hidden Water Leaks

Leak Detection Tips: 6 Ways to Find Hidden Water Leaks

As we all know, water leaks can turn to an awful and unforgettable experience if not taken care of early.
Early detection of leaks in the house puts out the risks of potential disasters and save you money.
Therefore, to be always on the safe side, here are some leak detection tips for finding hidden water

Check Water Meter
If you’re sensing there’s a leak somewhere, then one of the places to check is the water meter. To check
its readings, turn off everything that uses water in the house, watch the meter, and see if it begins to
change. If it does change, you likely have a leak somewhere, which could be anywhere.

Take Note of Your Usage
It is recommended that everyone check their winter water usage to find out if there’s a link somewhere.
A family of four using more than 12,000 gallons of water per month is unusual, which means a leak is
probably happening somewhere. How many gallons are you using in a month?

Monitor Your Bill Closely
Another leak detection tip for homeowners is to monitor your bill closely. If there’s no leak, there
shouldn’t be any reason why there will be a surge in your bills. Therefore, if your bill is on the rise
consistently and your water use habits haven’t changed, chances are there’s a leak. Consider gathering
some bills from the past months to make some comparisons.

Food Coloring Method
This is another simple method to test for leaks in the home, especially in the toilet. To do this, add a few
drops of food coloring to your toilet tank, and wait for about ten minutes. If the color shows up in the
bowl, there’s a leak that allows water to flow from the tank to your drain without ever flushing the bowl.

Check Your Outdoor Space
Leaks occur outside the house too, and not just inside as some people believe. So, while you may have
checked the inside, ensure you go outside to do some checking too. Check stuff like spigots, hoses,
irrigation system (Better to call a professional for this). Just a small leak could cause over 6300 gallons of
water wastage in a month.

Be Watchful and Observant
Be observant and consider checking some places in the house like the back of cabinets, or under basins
for leaks or any smell that might indicate a leak. A stitch in time saves nine. If you do this, you might just
be saved from costly repairs.

There you have it! Above are some leak detection tips to find hidden water leaks in your home. With
cases of old houses of over 25 years, the plumbing system may be reaching its life expectancy, already
causing consistent leaks. Apart from troubleshooting by yourself, consider having a professional
plumber make an annual inspection of your home to check for leaks or potential problems.
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